Leading National Contractor Case Study: Enhancing Safety and Cost Savings with an Onsite Medical Clinic

Discover how a leading construction management and contracting company successfully improved safety and achieved significant cost savings during their ambitious corporate office and facility project. This in-depth case study showcases the remarkable results achieved through the partnership between this leading contractor and Medcor, a trusted provider of onsite medical services. 

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Highlights of the Case Study

Delve into the details of this remarkable collaboration, learn from our collective experiences, and discover how Medcor's onsite medical services can bring value, safety, and cost savings to your construction projects. 

Exceptional Safety Results

Explore how Medcor's onsite medical services contributed to the client's exemplary safety record during the Bay View Project. 

Significant Cost Savings

Discover how a leading national contractor estimated a net savings of $1.7 million by avoiding claims, minimizing lost productivity, and optimizing the use of medical supplies through Medcor's strategic approach. 

Proven Strategies

Gain valuable insights into the specific strategies, protocols, and technologies implemented by Medcor to ensure the success of the project.